Recycle Your Bicycle With The Aussie Plumber

We are ecstatic to share that The Aussie Plumber has formed a delightful partnership with Recycle Your Bicycle! This collaboration embarks on a twofold mission: promoting sustainability and sprinkling joy into the lives of foster and adopted children by gifting them refurbished bicycles.

Pedaling Towards Community Care

Our community is about to see more smiles, thanks to The Aussie Plumber and Recycle Your Bicycle! This optimistic and supportive alliance not only aims to lighten the lives of foster children with the happiness that comes with owning a bike but also beckons every member of our community to engage in this inspirational endeavor of donation and recycling. It’s a call to collective action, pedaling together towards an environment of positivity and inclusive community backing!

With a track record of distributing over 12,000 bikes in 13 years, joining forces with Recycle Your Bicycle allows us to expand the project's horizons even further. This joint effort promises to promote environmental awareness while simultaneously delivering joy and mobility to an increasing number of children within the foster care system.

Simplified Donation Process

The Aussie Plumber simplifies the act of giving for Phoenix residents! A simple phone call or a swift online form submission is all it takes to arrange a pick-up for your used bikes, right from the comfort of your home. In alliance with Recycle Your Bicycle, we are set on a mission to amplify both joy and sustainability in Phoenix, ensuring that every donated bicycle brings delight to a child in foster care.

This initiative is not merely about providing transportation; it’s about bestowing independence, confidence, and a reason to smile upon these children, all while fostering community engagement and upholding environmental stewardship in Phoenix.

A Word From James Hill, The Aussie Plumber

"Engaging with a notable organization like Recycle Your Bicycle holds personal significance for me. The joy and freedom a bicycle instills in a child in foster care are truly gratifying to witness. This venture symbolizes a harmonious blend of care, community, and sustainability. I'm elated that The Aussie Plumber has the opportunity to contribute to spreading cheer and optimism amongst these incredible kids." - James Hill

Phoenix, it’s time for us to unite for a noble cause! We cordially invite you to partake in this exhilarating initiative by donating your used bicycles, thus playing an instrumental role in gifting both joy and mobility to our foster children, all while championing sustainability. To schedule a hassle-free pick-up at your home, simply give us a call at (602) 820-5551. Participating in this joy-spreading initiative is now as easy as making a call or paying a visit!

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