A Father's Day Tribute: Honoring John Kevin Hill

On this Father's Day, we share a deeply personal story emanating from the core of The Aussie Plumber. This is about a man whose influence transcends family bonds, resonating within our entire community - John Kevin Hill, father of our founder, James Hill.

In Australia, we celebrate a man who stands as a beacon of authenticity, loyalty, and unwavering dedication to what he cherishes most - we call him a true blue bloke. John Kevin Hill, recently diagnosed with ALS, embodies this ethos to the core. As the father of James Hill, founder of The Aussie Plumber, John has been an unceasing giver, a steady presence, influencing not just his children's lives, but profoundly shaping the values that define The Aussie Plumber.

Join us in honoring John Kevin Hill's legacy and support those affected by ALS by contributing to The Aussie Plumber's fundraising campaign at donate.als.org/fundraiser/TheAussiePlumber.

The depths of John's character have always been apparent. He crafted beautiful childhood memories for his children, be it week-long fishing trips in Echuca, Christmas mornings marked by brand-new bikes, imparting life lessons at his successful auto collision business, or simply letting his kids sit on his lap for an affectionate scratchy kiss. He was always there - our sturdy Eucalyptus tree in the storms of life, occasionally sneaking his forbidden evening chocolates to his children.

Nothing can prepare a family for an ALS diagnosis, and nothing can take away the overwhelming sense of helplessness when facing such adversity. But there's a ray of hope. Recent advancements in research and technology are enabling people like John to enjoy their days to the fullest, celebrating life's essence that ALS can't tarnish. 

The Aussie Plumber has been imbued with the spirit of John's unwavering dedication and resilience. His encouragement and support have been the bedrock upon which we've built our culture and values.

Today, as The Aussie Plumber family navigates this challenging journey with John, we're doing more than just honoring our true blue bloke. We're giving back. For the entirety of June 2023, a part of every completed plumbing job is being donated to ALS research. It is our way of turning love into action, of changing the future narrative of ALS. 

We invite you to join us in this initiative, to be a part of the change. If you wish to contribute, please visit our fundraising page donate.als.org/fundraiser/TheAussiePlumber. Every donation makes a difference.

This Father's Day, we salute John Kevin Hill, the true blue bloke of our story. His legacy lives on in every job we complete, every customer we serve, and every life we touch. We're in this together, for John, for every family touched by ALS, and for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Happy Father's Day!

The Aussie Plumber
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